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What is Cloud VPS Hosting?

Consider an example where a website is hosted on shared web hosting server, and needs more resources in terms of CPU and RAM. However, being on shared server, the website is restricted to use limited resources such as CPU and Memory, thus overall affecting the performance of website.
The owner of website does not have a budget of hosting his website on a Dedicated server.

A Cloud VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) is an intermediate solution in such a case where you can host your website isolated from other shared hosting users, while not needing to shell out high prices for a Dedicated server.

A BIG Dedicated Server which is called as NODE is sliced into small Virtual Private Cloud Servers, sharing the resources (CPU Cores and RAM) of dedicated server. You as a customer gain root access to your Virtual Private Server, thus having more access to CPU and RAM, boosting the performance of your website. Since you gain root access to your VPS, you get the independence of installing your custom modules or applications which may not be permitted on shared hosting server.

With our fully managed Cloud VPS servers, you get the peace of concentrating on your business, while we at Webhost.Uk.Net make sure your VPS server is secured & optimized for best performance and monitoring the server 24/7 to make sure it never goes down.
Your own Virtual Server
VPS - Virtual Private server is intermediate solution for website that needs resources greater than Shared hosting but less than a Dedicated server. You get your VPS hosted on a VPS node with less users in neighbourhood.
100% Root / Administrator access
You get 100% Root / Administrator unrestricted access to your VPS, allowing you to configure or install your own modules and applications, ports and services etc.
Fully Managed VPS
We offer 100% Fully Managed VPS servers, which include VPS Setup, Operating System installation, OS Optimization and Hardening, Control Panel installation and Configuration, Services Optimization, Security Tweaks and 24/7 Server Monitoring.
In-expensive Affordable Server experience
With our VPS servers, you get to experience the robust power and performance of Dedicated servers at costs less than Dedicated servers. For websites that need more resources than shared severs but find Dedicated servers to be expensive and beyond budget, VPS servers are perfect choice for them.
Easy-To-Manage Control panel
Get the privilege of managing your VPS from our state-of-art control panel, which allows you to start, stop, reboot or even do OS reload for your vps.
Pros/Cons of VPS Hosting
Get the power of Dedicated server and boost your website performance with our fully managed VPS servers.
  • Advantages
  • Cheaper than a Dedicated server with features similar to Dedicated Server
  • Get root access to your VPS, allowing you to install your own applications
  • An intermediate solution, offering more resources than shared server and costs less than a dedicated server.
  • Fully Managed VPS server does not need you to have technical knowledge of server management, while we at WebHost.Uk.Net take care of your server security and optmization.
  • Disadvantages
  • You do not get Dedicated Server Resources such as CPU & RAM. You get Virtual Server Resources (CPU cores & RAM) allocated to your VPS.
  • CPU & RAM Resources shared among other VPS users on same node.
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