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One click MODx CMS installer on UK Web Hosting server.

Best UK MODx CMS Web Hosting on UK Servers

WebHost.UK.Net offers the MODx CMS web hosting on our servers located in UK datacenter. With the auto installer available in control panel on our servers, you can install and configure MODx CMS in less than 15 minutes and have your website ready to go live. MODx CMS offers the most easy to use CMS website application which can be used to design your personal, small business, large business, community websites.

MODx CMS Hosting

MODx is an open source project, run by a talented group of people adamant about not creating YAPS (Yet Another Portal System).

GNU GPL Open Source Software

On the business and technical end of things, MODx is licensed as a GPL project, which translates into free for anyone to use. It's built in PHP, uses a MySQL database backend and runs on pretty much any version of either released in the last few years. For web servers, it'll work with either Apache or IIS. Its Control Panel, or Manager if you prefer, runs on pretty much any modern browser, including Safari. It also allows you to quickly leverage the lastest rage of AJAX/Web 2.0 technologies.

For Optimal Results

While MODx will run almost anywhere, the following guidelines should serve you well. We've spent hundreds of hours in the forums, and based on our experience we can confirm that a large portion of problems can be traced back to bargain (really cheap) hosting, so you do get what you pay for.

  • A very reliable web host without turbo-overloaded servers.
  • Linux
  • Apache with mod_rewrite.
  • PHP 4.4.x or above. PHP 5.2.x will get you some very cool capabilities.
  • MySQL 4.1.x or above. The 5.0.x and above branches are even better, as long as you're not using 5.0.51 which contains known bugs with sorting/grouping.
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