Need Backup Solution for you Website?

Robust R1Soft Backup Solution as an add-on with your Website hosting plans.

Robust R1Soft UK Backup Solution

WebHostUK is thrilled to announce the launch of Robust R1Soft Backup Solution as an add-on with its web hosting plans.

What is R1Soft Backup Solution?

R1Soft is the cutting-edge backup technology ideal for data protection. Using R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Backups, not only do the backups on databases can easily be performed but also the time consumed during the backup process is minimal as R1soft captures data at block level. Experience the power of world class backup solution. No more worries on data loss or unpredictable disasters!

WebHostUK R1Soft Backup Solution Features:

With WebHostUK R1Soft Backup solutions, customer will be able to maintain backup of their data as a disaster recovery solution. You will be able to securely and affordably protect important data against loss and unintended modification. R1Soft Backup solution is ideal for businesses of any size with data storage needs or disaster recovery planning.

Where is the Backup Server located?

The backups are taken on an offline server located in remote data center for data security and disaster recovery. The Backup will be maintained on the offline server for a period of 10 days and then it will be overwritten/

What is the maximum Backup space offered by WebHostUK?

WebHostUK offers you flexible backup size option, meaning you can choose the size of backup space according to your requirement. WebHostUK Backup size options range from 1GB to 1TB which is ideal to maintain multiple backup copies.

How much Backup Space is ideal for me?

If you are looking forward to maintain multiple backup copies like daily and weekly, it is recommended you choose twice the size of your data. For instance, if your data is of 25 GB, it is recommended that you purchase 50GB Backup space.

Is there any contract to order R1Soft Backup Solution?

No there is no contract! WebHostUK offers easy billing options starting from monthly to triennially.

What are the pricing options?
  • Monthly price

  • £0.50 GBP
  • If you select monthly billing cycle, the price will be £ 0.50 per GB.
  • This means, if you order 2GB Backup space for monthly billing, you will have to pay 2 x 0.50 = £ 1.00 per month.
  • Yearly price

  • £0.20 GBP
  • WebHostUK offers huge savings on annual billing cycle starting from £ 0.20 per GB.
  • For example, if you order 5GB Backup space for annual billing cycle, the price will be 5 x 0.20 x 12 = £ 12.00 per year.

Pre-Order R1Soft Backup Solution Offer

How to purchase WebhostUK R1Soft Backup Solution?

The R1Soft Backup Plans will be available for purchase from December 1, 2013. If you Pre-Order now, you will be getting 10% Recurring Discount for life. Customers who Pre-Order R1Soft Backup Solution, they will be provisioned with R1Soft Backup Account on December 1, 2013 itself which will also be the beginning of billing period.

  • Backup Space: Starting from 1GB
  • User Account: 1
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Starting from just: £ 0.50 per month
  • 10% Discount Coupon: 10R1SOF
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