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Why Document root changes for a domain

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asked 5 years ago in Cpanel Issues & Tutorials by whukadmin (5,940 points)

1 Answer

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On Linux cPanel server document root for domain is set under

/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf as well as under


and if ssl is installed on domain then you need check ssl entry also.

/var/cpanel/userdata/cpanel_username/domain.com_SSL In all files document root should be same. Cpanel keep its own records for the account's documetroot.

If in both files document root is different then after /script/upcp document root will be changed and  taken from file /var/cpanel/userdata/cpanel_username/, so whenever we change the document root for a domain that time make sure it will change under both the files.
answered 5 years ago by whukadmin (5,940 points)

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