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How to Lock/Unlock my domain name?

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asked 5 years ago in Billing Help by whukadmin (5,940 points)

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The Locked status of the domain name is one of the safeguards against unauthorized domain transfers and it protects your rights as a domain owner. However, you need to change the status from Locked to Active if you would like to initiate a domain name transfer. We strongly recommend that you keep your domain in Locked status unless you would like to transfer it to a new registrar.

If your domain is registered by WebhostUK Limited you can update and edit your WHOIS domain information from:

Login to client portal -> My Domains -> Click green arrow icon on right side -> "Scroll down and click "Registrar Lock"

If your domain is NOT registered by WebhostUK LImited you will need to contact your current registrar and request to Lock the domain status for your domain.

answered 5 years ago by whukadmin (5,940 points)

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