View Full Version : Falcon reseller server upgrade announcement.

29-11-2012, 05:33 PM

This is to inform you that we'd scheduled the migration of all accounts from Falcon server to our brand new server with a more powerful hardware E5-2420 (6 core processor) Dual CPU machine and with advanced specifications. Our main purpose for migration has been to get rid of old server hardware which have been a problem lately for our servers. Old hardware is not capable of withstanding ongoing server loads and give the best performance for applications that are running on server with passing time. Additionally the new server will be with latest packages like

Apache 2.2.x
Mysql 5.1.x
PHP 5.3.x

Our main focus is to have server with PHP v5.3.x version, please take some time to familiarize yourself on the changes, benefits, and features of PHP5.3 in the PHP migration guide - http://php.net/migration53

Hence, to avoid any further server hassles, we just got a brand new MONSTER server with following specifications which is 100% more powerful that old servers in all aspects such as processor performance, memory allocation, data redundancy etc.

Processor : E5-2420 (6 core processor) Dual CPU machine
Drives : 4 x 1 TB SATA II configured with RAID10
Centos : v6.0 64 bit
Uplink Port : 1 Gbit
Rvskin + RVSitebuilder

Migration schedule :

We'll send out notifications to our clients (Hosted on Falcon server) taking into consideration whether clients are using their own private nameservers or third party nameservers

We'll announce the migration date / schedule within next couple of days for each clients regarding the entire procedure.