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Albert Kent
01-11-2012, 07:43 PM

This is to inform you that we'd scheduled the migration of all accounts from Jaguar server to our brand new server with a more powerful hardware E5-2420 (6 core processor) Dual CPU machine and with advanced specifications. Our main purpose for migration has been to get rid of old server hardware which have been a problem lately for our servers. Old hardware is not capable of withstanding ongoing server loads and give the best performance for applications that are running on server with passing time. Hence, to avoid any further server hassles, we just got a brand new MONSTER server with following specifications which is 100% more powerful that old servers in all aspects such as processor performance, memory allocation, data redundancy etc.

Processor : E5-2420 (6 core processor) Dual CPU machine
Drives : 4 x 1 TB SATA II configured with RAID10
Centos : v6.0 64 bit
Uplink Port : 1 Gbit
Rvskin + RVSitebuilder

Few things which are important -

1. With shared server all clients hosted on Jaguar are using the default nameserver, so no changes needs to done at their domain registrar. As nameservers remains the same, we'll just switch to new IP addresses.

2. For clients using 3rd party nameservers make sure to contact us immediately on live support chat or submit a support ticket - support@webhost.uk.net Or contact us on our live support chat about the new A record for their website.

There will NOT be any kind of data loss during the migration procedure. We'll keep you updated about the status of migration. Please note, clients do not need to do anything at their end.

The old server will be online for the 8 - 10 days after migration, just incase if any additional data need to be grabbed from the server.

We are using the most advanced procedure to get the migration done, so client won't experience any kind of downtime or data loss for your accounts during the transfers. Hence, the only concern here is with the domains which are using 3rd party nameservers or custom nameservers.

For any questions regarding the migration process, please feel free to get back to us.

We will announce the migration date / schedule within next couple of days.


Albert Kent
26-11-2012, 10:09 AM

The accounts migration is completed from old server to new server, all of the IPs from old server is migrated to the new server. there will be no changes for dedicated IP allocated to your domains. Only the main shared IP address is changed with new server.

If you're using any third party DNS (registrar's nameservers), please point an A record for those domains to the provided IP into your email / ticket as soon as possible.

The clients who haven't domain registered with WebHostUK Ltd need to contact their domain registrar and change nameserver IPs as requested in email / ticket.

There is no further action required for the clients who have domain registered with US.