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20-10-2011, 02:16 PM
Press Release : 18th Oct 2011

UK's leading Web hosting company WEBHOSTUK LIMITED announced this Monday, it has launched a completely overhauled and redesigned version of its main website, http://www.webhost.uk.net. The new website is designed to offer greatly improved navigation to visitors while also updating the WebHost.Uk.Net image for a new era.

WEBHOSTUK LIMITED claims the new design reflects the quality of its products with a modernized look and feel, but still consistent with the company brand and immediately recognizable as WebHost.Uk.Net. The site’s layout continues to reflect a simple, classic look and feel, but with modern flourishes, updated graphics, and greatly improved ease of use.

“We’re excited to showcase our new user-friendly website to customers and to streamline our hosting plans for all segment business clients,” said Head of Business Development – Abbie Clayton, quoted in the press release. “We worked hard to come up with a dynamic and customer-friendly design and will continue to innovate and align our product offerings with what customers want and feel the best match to their needs with their budget in mind.”

WEBHOSTUK LTD is offering special pricing on its new UK Windows VPS server (http://www.webhost.uk.net/windowsvps.html) plans along with the introduction of several other web hosting plans such as Ecommerce VPS (www.webhost.uk.net/e-commerce_hosting.html) and Dedicated server plans.

About WEBHOSTUK LTD: WEBHOSTUK LTD is a leading UK hosting company, specializes in helping small businesses build an online customer base with a comprehensive range of services that includes web hosting and design, reseller hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers, eCommerce, domain name registration, SSL certificates and much more. With a large and satisfied customer base across all over the globe, the company has been offering UK and US hosting services in UK and US datacenters respectively. The company claims to offer 99.99% guaranteed uptime for their hosting services powered with 24/7 live chat and email support for their customers.

20-10-2011, 03:21 PM
:)Congratulations on your new website. As a web designer I have to say that it is stunning.

Good luck with it


Total Web UK

20-10-2011, 03:23 PM
Thank you Gary..

We are aware there are plenty of minor corrections to be made though.. Which should be done by the end of this week!

Web Spyder
20-10-2011, 04:32 PM
Hi guys

Very nice!

Just a thought but when clients log on can you stop the pop up chat and go with the button to start a live chat instead. It's a bugbear of mine!

Love the bottom social bar idea - I may have to steal!

20-10-2011, 04:56 PM
The knowledgebase is not v ery easy to find
The link at the top takes you to :
However finding other items is impossible

There doesn't appear to be any link to the knowledgebase once logged in

20-10-2011, 05:06 PM
The old website didn't do the service justice, it looked 10 years old and when I first visited webhost.uk.net a year ago it was definitely something that made me stop and consider whether I should user your services as it didn't make you look professional or legitimate.

There are a couple of issues with the update, I'm using firefox and the banner looks messed up: http://i.imgur.com/RVWqh.png

Also, although you have updated your website, your Terms of Service are out of date. This is something I brought up with staff on live chat before I bought my hosting package over 1 year ago! Just a couple of the points that need updating which are also very important:

Taken from: http://www.webhost.uk.net/tos.html

9b.) Uptime Guarantee
If your shared / reseller server has a physical downtime that is not within the 99.9% uptime you may receive one month of credit on your account...

You advertise a four 9s (99.99%) uptime guarentee, your terms of service say three.

10.) Reseller: Client Responsibility
Resellers are responsible for supporting their clients. WebHost.Uk.Net does not provide support to our Reseller's Clients. If a reseller's client contacts us, we reserve the right to place the client account on hold until the reseller can assume their responsibility for their client...

You boldly advertise on your resellers page that you provide end user support

"...WebHost.Uk.Net offers 100% white-labelled end user support for our resellers, where you will get access to our helpdesk which will have a non-branded front-end for your end user clients to submit their support tickets..." - http://www.webhost.uk.net/reseller_hosting.html

Also, please provide a page where we can see server uptimes in percentages.

20-10-2011, 05:23 PM
The knowledgebase is not v ery easy to find
The link at the top takes you to :
However finding other items is impossible

There doesn't appear to be any link to the knowledgebase once logged in

The new KB is a test, it was our staff"s suggestion to add clients common questions in this section. We are still testing its performance and as its a new addition we will get it updated and improved very soon.

Nice to see the "New KB" is visited, and Thank you very much for all your valuable suggestions.

20-10-2011, 05:28 PM
Ritch, I appreciate your comments on our new website.

I've informed our site development team to correct the issue with banner lookup, so it'll be compatible on all browsers.

With uptime guarentee, we've already corrected it, also will discuss with our management team and go through each and every policy/terms.

Regarding end user support for our resellers client, we do provide as we've mentioned in our policy just all you need to submit a support request for enabling end user support portal desk, we'll create a separate support desk area for your clients :)

Thanks for your support and more importantly, to keep your trust.

21-10-2011, 08:55 AM
The link to the Network Status appears to have disappeared, just as well I saved it

04-11-2011, 09:49 PM
This website is so slow now
Try this page :
Two chat windows appear then the wibiya link float

I thought the whole idea was to simplify the website, not complicate it!

07-11-2011, 07:15 AM
Thank you for your feedback.. can you please let me know how much time the site is taking to load at your end. I will discuss things with our webdevelopers and get it sorted.

18-11-2011, 06:31 PM
The link to the Network Status appears to have disappeared, just as well I saved it
Now it has stopped working
The clock for refresh counts down to 0.0 then remains there

24-11-2011, 03:52 PM

We've made checked with our site developer and they are planning to disable some site footers plugins to get it faster.