View Full Version : Warning About the unethical Domain Renewal Group (domainrenewalgroup.com)

18-11-2009, 03:00 PM
A company named Domain Renewal Group has been sending deceptive renewal notices to WEBHOSTUK LIMITED customers. Their letter is in the exact same format used by Domain Registry of America (DRoA). A quick look at the Whois for domainrenewalgroup.com shows that this domain is controlled by the same company running DRoA.

If you respond to this letter, your domain will be transferred to the Domain Renewal Group, and WEBHOSTUK LIMITED will no longer be the registrar for your domain. The Domain Renewal Group charges much more for domains: 20 a year in comparison to our 9.99 GBP a year for .COM/.NET/.ORG domains.

If you receive a letter from Domain Renewal Group, we recommend you ignore the letter and simply throw it away. Here is a sample letter: