View Full Version : Important Notice for clients using Paypal as payment mode

17-11-2009, 09:36 AM

We noticed some issues with our Paypal API that integrates with our billing system. We found that several times payment made by the clients through paypal does not get maked as paid though they have actully paid for invoices in our billing system. This was due to incompatibility of our billing system with paypal API. So we had to talk with paypal's support to get the issue fixed. As a result we have to cancel all the paypal subscriptions set by clients to avoid the same issue from happening in future.

We wanted to let you know that if you are using PAYPAL GATEWAY and have set paypal subscription to make payments for hosting services with us, please make sure that your current paypal subscriptions should have been canceled. We have already cancelled all the paypal subscriptions from our end, however just incase we have left out any and you believe your subscription with us is still active, please cancel the same at your end. You will have to set up a new paypal subscription from the next due invoice to have automated payment for hosting services with us.

We aplogize for inconvenience caused here. If you have any further questions with this, please contact our billing department at billing@webhost.uk.net