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What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server is a server used for website hosting purpose or for hosting any other applications without sharing with any other customer.
If a website needs more server resources such as CPU, RAM or Disk Space than shared hosting or VPS hosting, a Dedicated server is an ideal solution. Dedicated server offers dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, Disk space without sharing it with any other customers.

WebHost.Uk.Net Managed Dedicated servers are ideal for large websites which need their own web hosting environment. We offer fully managed dedicated servers, where you as a customer do not need to have any technical knowledge about maintaining security and updates for your servers. Your server is monitored 24/7, to make sure you recieve 100% uptime with your Dedicated server.

Configure your server resources as per your requirements and get a wide range of Operating Systems such as Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Microsoft Windows server etc, with our highly flexible dedicated server ordering form.
100% UK Datacenter Hosted Servers
Unlike few of those companies who promise and offer UK web hosting, while having their servers outside UK; WebhostUK offers UK Datacenter physically hosted servers.
Choice of Single, Double, Octa Core Processors
WebHostUK offers the most affordable Dedicated Servers with choice of INTEL branded Single Core Processors, Double Core Processors, Hexa Core Processors and Octa Core Processors.
Choice of Multiple Operating System
Configure your server from a wide range of Operating System such as Centos, Redhat, Microsoft Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, your own Custom OS etc. You also get to choose OS architecture from 32-bit or 64-bit OS.
Customize your Server Configuration
Our unique and easy-to-configure order wizard allows you to customize your server hardware by allocating resources such as RAM, Hard Drives, RAID configurations etc. as per your requirements.
Best Europe Connectivity
Our UK Datacenters have the best connectivity to Europe which maintains a 100% SLA Network Uptime Guarantee, offering fastest connectivity and speed to your websites. All Dedicated Servers come with DEDICATED 100Mbps Uplink Port, offering blazing fast connectivity to your server.
Pros/Cons of Dedicated Server Hosting
WebHost.Uk.Net offers fully managed Dedicated Servers, physically hosted in state-of-art UK Datacenters. With multiple Tier 1 transit providers, dual power supplies, best of breed Cisco technology and support for fibre and copper gigabit connections, your dedicated server will be housed in one of the most secure and resilient data centres in the UK.
  • Advantages
  • Dedicated Server resources such as CPU, RAM and Disk Space
  • Premium web hosting experience for your website, without sharing server resources with any other customers
  • 100% Full ROOT or Administrator access to the server
  • Ability to configure server specifications as per your requirements
  • Choice of Multiple Operating systems such as Centos, Redhad, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows etc
  • Managed Dedicated server offers highest security and reliability for your business website
  • Disadvantages
  • Expensive as compared to shared hosting or vps servers
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