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Survey and Polls Web Hosting
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Survey and Polls Web Hosting

Ever thought of conducting an online poll or survey on your website? Aside from satisfying your curiosity, a survey might even cause visitors to return to your site to find out the results (since they might be just as curious about the results as you are). The sites listed here provide you a quick and easy way to set up your own polls. They will tally the results and present it in a graphical manner. Some of them even provide methods to discourage people from repeatedly voting (and thus skewing the results). In exchange, the free services typically place advertisements on your polls and the results.

You may also be interested in the Free PHP Poll and Survey Scripts page, which contains polling scripts that you can install onto your own website (rather than hosted by a third-party service).

SnapPoll Free OnlinePolls

This free polling service allows you to create a poll, either to embed in your site, or to link to directly on their site. You can supply up to 20 choices for your answers and customize the colours of your voting box. There are ads displayed on your results page. The results page cannot be customized, since it appears on their site. Polls that are inactive for 30 days are deleted.


This is an ad-supported free web poll host. It places its logo on the polls and the results page. It also inserts text advertisements in your polls, with multiple banners on all results pages. In addition to that, they also mention that they may place pop-up windows both on your results as well as on your poll page. There are some (limited) colour customization options, and your poll is limited to 256 MB of traffic.

Alxnet Polls

Alxnet Poll allows you to set up a poll with up to 30 different answers to a question. It prevents double voting by means of cookies and/or IP logging. As far as I can tell, there doesn't seem to be any advertisements displayed on your poll. You can integrate your poll into your website.

Sparklit Web Polls

This is an advertising supported free web poll. You can integrate your poll into your website.

SurveyPopups - Free Website Survey Polls

This ad-support service provides free online surveys with advertisements on the results page, which is displayed when you vote.